“Moments in Nature”

“Moments in Nature” is a series from photographs Samuel E. Burns captured in the vast Yellowstone National Park. This series is the result of hours of scouting locations, angles, and waiting for the right timing and wishing for light to be at its best. Waiting to try and capture that perfect moment of light that nature might provide, some days are futile some are stunningly fruitful. In this series Samuel patiently held out for perfect times of the day, when the light is in balance  which creates in these angles even more depth.

ImageTo capture many of these visuals, Samuel goes very deep into nature, sometimes so deep that even a 4×4 gets stuck in dirt roads that are so rarely navigated that their structure is extremely poor. He searches for that connection between solitude and nature, which brings a great abundance of inspiration, when nothing else but nature is present. The combination of all of these elements – solitude, vastness, uncertainty and patience – gives at times a great payoff, visuals that take many days to capture and create. Back in his studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee Samuel decided to elaborate even more on these images to make them appear more vibrant. He thinks this series is unusual but deliver an accentuated beauty to nature’s stunning majesty.


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